She seems just a chit of a girl
Who achieves to be woman

A girl and a half, in a hollow,
For her new birth to be born

On stomach round as sphere .
And as she walks like breeze

A sea of emerald is shaping
Inside belly for ace swimmer

Who will burst from its aqua
To breathe a breeze outside.



We were other’s shadows born
From a fleeting glimpse of love

In darkness that would precede
Our own preternatural existence.

Shadows do not touch shadows.
They will stop waving on a wall

When we are dust and  shadow
Of a  shadowy former existence.


Trees are dust gray from a night
Hosting dark crows, now awake

To a temporary color of the sea
Color of crow waiting for waves

To throw dead turtle from a net
And another crow’s day begins.

Crows are black in their bodies
Fascinated by colourless death.

Death has no color in deep sea
Except of an exaggerated color

Of the pearls that were his eyes
Of fisherman who rose and fell.

The importance of calcium

Lime arises out of sizzle by stone
When water seeps stone innards

Since they were once fish in sea.
Flesh is colorless on white bones

Pure and white like the fish fossil.
Its white is all colors and no fish.

We are short of calcium of bones.
It gives them pearl-white plasticity.

Bones may break from monotony
Short of their whitening calcium.

Whitewashed flesh on no bones
Can hardly walk a cat on the roof.