As we had opened eyes we saw ourselves
In the mirror, profoundly struck by the night
Our faces serrated by layers of collected time.
The holes there carried lightless rain water
That went green in the lazy years of old fish,
Tadpoles that, by morning, turn green frogs
If only allowed their photosynthesis by day.

We then peeled our white faces layer by layer.
Our war paints then came off and snow cream,
The layers that revealed our first fears and gods
And our demons that shrieked through the day,
To be liberated from the good wishes of gods,
And placentas of unborn kids that had carried
Born sins of our fathers in their ugly plasticity.

We saw the serrated sands of the Thar desert
That had cumulated over the oceans drowning
The fish, the tadpoles, the frogs and the oyster
And all other aquatic creatures under its silica.
We saw nights piling on nights, years and ages
The grass that covered our millennia in layers
On broken walls of our cities, the moss growing
Silently on the trees, the hills covered in mist
Their peaks entirely covered in forgetful snow.





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