Naming the child

Name filling is after our pleasure taking
And body giving, from a rubber umbilicus
Strapped to a golden lotus, from where
The Creator would spring with his wife
Highly educated, feminist in approach.

The lotus-seated god is duly hen-pecked
By a goddess of learning, his own alphabet
On our brows in disarray, in strange script
Undecipherable in far too many words.

The navel springing the lotus shall maintain
The creation products with brilliant learning,
Including femininity of luscious apple eating
And why not, in a world of devious serpents.

The lotus-springing god shall have his feet
Pressed gently, for walking fatigue, by wife,
Without his ever walking in the sky-clouds.
He keeps the world going by wife’s wealth
And his own health on a serpent mattress
With an arching serpent hood for umbrella.



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