Laugh if you must, in your body shudders,

Especially if it would hurt, in you of night.
Pain or pleasure would vibrate in eardrum
Lately suspected to hear less of own words
That ring as though addressed to audience.

You needlessly increase volume of speech
Beyond the hearing distance in your room
Or above the market din and bees buzzing.
Otoliths may cause balance distortion in old.
Nice word this, please remember to look up
When the vibration comes in the dictionary.
You want to sense meaning, you shall vibrate.


The Buddha laughs on enormous stomach
Not the one under our ancient wisdom tree
But the yellow one, of a figurine in curio shop.
Wisdom is when one laughs at rolls of pain
Not of too much eating in moon of rice balls.
He laughs because he cannot cry in the view.
Under the circumstances, he vibrates of pain.


You want to celebrate years in wax flames
To vibrate to sounds of breaking birth walls.
But take care of the all-around green fluid,
And a cord that has to be cut off from mamma.
That is when you vibrate in lungful of laugh.
When you cry, you laugh at the darkness left
And the pain of light on new rolls of stomach.







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