Putting the cart before the horse

Horse- cart is women in laughter,
A happiness image, a moving away
From house, water tap, bitter tree

A broken wall of never to return,
A space lost on other side of wall
Of women’s heads peeping, with
Eyes of laughter, wanting to know
White dragons of surprised eyes
Eyes crinkled in round disbelief.

A guava tree of ripe fruit not theirs.
Smells lost of flowers on the roof
By smells that overwhelm senses
Of horse-turds on rhythmic hoofs.

Loss of film songs is felt in the air
In loudspeakers over mango trees.
The annual dragonflies do not come
This season of monsoon, from grass
To lose their silly wings on the wall.

Everything is in a blind daze of rain
Its flies conspire to hide the world
Beyond a tuft of tail, in busy swish.
Horse cannot see green on other side,
Nor the world beginning with tail
But all the while, laughter  goes on.














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