State of affairs

In regard to the present state of affairs
It is the objects here that make it, not me.
The philosopher sees light on the wall
A Wittgenstein (pp 120), in convolutions.
Our own state of affairs is a mere state.
A state exists in words but passes over.
Objects are not unhappy, only subjects
Only they have affairs, drawn from objects
And not vice versa, or even virtue versa
If I do not speak them, they are not there.

In a vast glass wall a young woman opens
The door inward, that should open out,
A blonde, her thoughts open out, in a state.
The color of hair is not her state of affairs.
But no, she is not a blonde, nor do blondes
Open their outward opening doors inside.
A glass wall that shuts out most of her light
A door that has no doorman in mustaches
Opening a door to a cold night of reason.
A  body is embroiled in a state of affairs.
A body that will one day be behind the glass
Saying nothing in its pantomimic gestures.






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