Occupying wall street

We propose to occupy your minds now.
Please give us back our cash, keeping
All its derivatives with you, your swaps
Under your soft silken collars and caps.

Give us the cash on which you had made
Your glitzy skyscrapers of sizzling money
In tall trade centers, in the clipped accents
Of portals of business schools constructing
Mathematical models of money making
On overblown market caps of flimsy cash.


We shall begin in the park, in cold tents
Overflowing to drown bankers, wizards,
Who stole our money in bags of hot air.
Our cash slipped through  bony fingers
While you made its structured products
Creating debt, the mud that drowned us
While you collected cash in your bags.


Keep with you your structured products
But give us our hard cash to pay our bills,
Our student debt, our wives grocery bills.
Please give us back our jobs, our money  
We had made making things in factories
In real factories of sweat and salty tears.





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