Mother’s Notes

I  see history's pages from life and death, diary notes
Brimming with a city left, thoughts of a garden swing
In letters crawling like live ants out of them carrying
Spirit messages of all things  being nothings ,nothings
That encompass us over time,in space of our house.

Here is a window to noise of crackers bursting in light,
Bottles that send sounds from their mouth in a dark sky
Darkness that pervades the corners of the world, light
In colored crackers,the festival of lights, a defeat of evil.
It is all that is to it in earthen lamps, burning at the door
Some powder sprinkled on flames , smelling nice incense
Some fruit pieces going around celebrating light on earth.

Her notes  make out a hole in space, as a piece of time 
A hole in eternity,  a hole in mind, a gaping hole in time.
Her letters crawl, rounded like black ants, out of  pages 
Flowing with life , with death,  with my living , with hers.

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