Gated community

A watchman sits at the high gate, checks pulse 
Before entry,all cars entering at their own risk.
On the kerb, children are careful, playing ball.
Sundays we play golf in unending green spaces.
We  see neighbors smile from swimming pool.

We had lived in holes,crawling with people.
We are now in bigger holes with smaller ones
Inside them for  morning ablutions and yoga.
We have separate holes for individual men.
Our  holes smell nice with room fresheners
Made from the private parts of civets in heat.
We are a gated community, staring from gates
At the passers-by and listless cattle dropping
Their green feces on the wet road nonchalantly.
Our lawns are manicured green like our minds.
We buy  all our cattle droppings by kilograms
For our green plants that have arrived like us.
Thank god we are now suited ,booted and gated.

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