A doll’s house

Her dolls are cute and lively  but  fragile
They are  made of crystal glass and clay.
Her house is decked with plastic flowers
And smiles made of society's approbation
And legal scrutiny of documents , in case.

You are a twittering skylark, says husband
Lovingly, in  strict legal terms of husbands
Twittering skylarks find  life such a lark
Forging signature for love's compulsions
Never  looked such  a bad thing for love.
Twittering larks know only love, no papers.

What do husbands want but  glass dolls
In a house decorated for parties of honor?
But  wives are no dolls for  safe keeping.
When doors are shut their slam is heard
Through the continent, across the oceans.

(Reading a play A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen)


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