I say beware of the Greeks bearing gifts
Of knowledge,in a poetry of unspeakable
Horrors that had lifted the veil of secrecy
From our lack of humanity, bodies rotting
Of cynics in churchyard, in the trees bare
And smoky, in morning fog of early ghosts,
Hellenism of word and thought, largeness
of vision, mere words, pulsating with light.

Beware of  Greek poetry in early science.
Beware of   people ruling people's minds,
Of men who wear long robes of thought,
Mixing religion and politics, marrying soul
With intellect,  science with exquisite art 
And barbarians masquerading as nobles.

And beware of the shadows that now loom
On the acropolis, of shrunk bodies of men 
Their paper monies growing in their shadows
On trees brooding on a history of betrayals.

(Greece is one of the largest shadow economies

 of the world.The oligarchs are becoming fatter by the day 
but the country is on the brink of bankruptcy)

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