We believed colors mainly made our life
Such as the soft Asian paints of Royale
Of a silky touch, all smudges  wiped off.
The tea was just great color on white shirt
That could be wiped off by a daub of surf.
The children played in mud, a great color
But mother could do anything for colors.

Mother's eyes can now see only a uni-color
In the dusk's shadows of dancing coconuts
Waiting for her night to remove all smudges.
Due to lack of color, her cheeks often burst
With colorless marbles of clattering words.

The kids expertly push marbles into holes
Their index fingers aching like strung bows
 Below a window, with an overlooking uncle.
Luckily no holes are missed, of color or no.
Wordy marbles finally fall into their  holes.
Some points are missed in  color confusion.


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