this side of lake is colors in evening
of  hordes of birds around the rocks
rocks are their colors, birds' colors
paddling and resting before paddling
flying away from them,and to them
the ripple is colors of  spinning sky
tree shadows , green on blue, black
and dense in the core, gray to the ring

rocks are birds flying low in the sky
the sky is lake ,white as cotton cloud
lake silent  in tree like summer sky
tree is stuck in the blue sky of lake
lake is left holding the baby of tree
the rocks paddle , fly away as birds
low flying birds of  sky around birds
of white hovering on trembling lake
the lake trembles in  blue of the sky

On the other lake is an orange fruit
trapped in the distant birds of rocks
its skin peeled  away as sheet of gold
its birds fly from rocks to apartments
the houses fall into a trembling lake 
lake left holding the baby of houses.

rocks rest and fly  to the other rocks
birds paddle to rocks that do not fly
they fly in  lake that has turned sky
the sky is now trembling in the lake
the sky is  eating up the orange fruit.

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