Dream blocker

We destroyed our birds' dreams yesterday
As  thermocole had whitely sealed their fate
While I sat here with guilt gnawing inside
An intense heart  beating with love for birds.
 I later heard their landing on internet wire
To see their fate sealed by thermocole stuff.

I imagined the  bird script running as under :
Look, the air-conditioning unit in the balcony
Is  blocked on all sides by strange  white stuff.
Yes ,we cannot now make this season's nests.
They have sealed our future and of our chicks.

Our human reply ran as under, in  English:
It is now summer and I have to use the A.C.
And sit here all day without guilt of  killing
Innocent birds in the heat of the A.C. blower
Better to seal off the unit with thermocole.

There was no human reply to  bird's riposte.
Ha,Ha,your guilt is more about killing birds
And less about maintaining their genetics.
If you felt that guilty,could you not spend
This  summer without the racket of the A.C?
Hadn't the old poet  asked you to tread softly
Because you were treading on our dreams?


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