Odd moments

You began yesterday with moments
And went on to television moments
Borrowed moments  of imagined time
That was ticking by, on a light screen.

Now, this morning ,as a computer fan
Battled  passionately with a rising heat
Suddenly an all-pervading drain smell
Hits your  nose  without hitting  eyes
Leaving you to guess hard where behind
The bushes the damn smell came from.

Smells do not come hitting your eyes,
Only reside secretly in factories' sewers
That bring them to your noses lovingly.
We  live this side or the other of sewer.
A good reference point  to tell others.

On the upper side of the smelly sewer
Is a nice address reference for  keeps
But we are chemically oriented people
We just say where a malodorous sulpha
Compound is found in large quantities
That is a better reference for mapping
Our homes into this  big smelly world
A  scientific way of telling where live.

We began with moments, but are now
 At odd moments, not the old moments
Where a smell  would bring on everything
Spreading a  mood, a fine flower weaving
A soft morning breeze, a rain possibility
A morning presaging a perfumed union
A heart beat  tremulous with expectancy.
O, leave  moments altogether,old or odd.


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