I see a curve in the hip, a swelling
A dance,  a love, a mock thought
A swelling abruptly of sea by  day
Full of objects, but when will it do
An act, a doing, a  curve to  object
In a running away, a flash in  face
Hair flying in  wind, a body existing.

A body dies, ashes flying, rising in
Waters from the hills, flowing down
A flower ,wilted and willing, a petal
In sadness of blue, a wind's  doing
An act , a curve to  flower, to mind.

I hear a word,  a cold wind blowing
Doing a curve to mind, a body dying
A verb curving in adjective, a gerund
Noun exists, noun does  like object
Doing a curve to a verb, turns verb
Verb dies so noun lives,a preposition
Hangs like air  on the twig of a bird
Bird hanging in tree, outside wings
Folded, frozen in a painting beside
A mountain, a cloud, road not taken
An adverb doing curve to a noun.

Coconut  curves like woman alone
Moon curves like cloud, like rain
Like  thought, like love, like sound
Like stories, like a faery princess
Like necklaces curving on her neck
Like breasts cowering like sea-wave
A fear ,a curve to object, a full circle.

Curves  are lines  forgetting to full circle
A lifting of pencil , an attention deficit
A half doing, a loss of interest in verbs
After subjects and objects are gathered.


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