It is now four in a late dark time
For the memory of  a girl who died
Clutching a cloth bundle,flashing
A child's eyes that had gone  blank
From a body defiled anonymously
By men with greedy body-hunger .

On the rail track her cloth bundle
Was left with a memory of cousin
A cousin who had often felt a body
Protruding from a cloth bundle
As many hard bones ,some flesh.

When body is defiled anonymously
The fire gets put out from the eyes
Embers of body burning that will
Quickly die out , the ash collected
In a  bundle,  left on the river bed.
This cousin wants to collect the fire
From the gray ashes, fill it silently
In the deeper folds of  his own cloth
That will burn anonymously with it.

Body burned all night with no mind
That was found missing from the hole
Good that way because they could save
Fire wood, so expensive these days.


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