Mind’s eye

The middle eye is now even larger
With too many evils flesh is heir to,
Full with the little devils of cells that
Swim cheerfully in a rainbow of light
Hued with fine colors of knowledge.
Such knowledge is evil and faustian
An exchange of thought for passion.
Devil's horns are a result of dilemma
Such as comes from death and love.

A primordial liquid shall drive away
The imps that cause unseeing  stupor
Toward a spectacle of exquisite vision
Beyond the mountains, with the fluff
Of clouds at their tops, the soft liquid
In  clouds that will pour lightly on eyes,
Softly dilating their  vision to the world.

(Uveitis is a condition of the eye,in which the middle of the eye called uvea gets inflamed
 causing pain and possible damage to the eye,if left untreated)


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