Girl topic

Through the dark night a girl topic emerges
Our sadness slowly being taken out of verse
And of death forcefully ejected out of memory.
The feeling bones of a girl are but a laughter
Of  an evening wedding function, a girl laughter
About own wedding and Spanish proficiency
Why not marry a swashbuckling Spaniard 
A swash  buckled by  Kannada of a back alley
We ask facetiously to silver peals of laughter.

We are of the upper caste with preferences
For sour lentils soup and a lungi clad forehead
with three horizontal lines of Shiva affiliation
But girl is not worried about the lentils soup
But about English proper and Oxford grammar.

Girl topics eventually turn women in the fag end
As if they are maturing in their bones to women
Over  lentils soup with jackfruits served in weddings
Their girl stomachs will be peopled in due course
Their necks shine with black beads of husbands
From their aliveness in offices behind computers .
We wish girl topics not proceed beyond this point.
There are other topics  that do not grow so fast.


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