The  fat man has a slight leaning tower
That looks cross-eyed, creates situations
And marks you down from your mirror.
Fat man smiles as a dear friend who likes 
To make your stomach laughing on beer
Through a white smoke of  hard rock cafe
Where it is hard and rock to keep senses
And for you to laugh at his sarcastic jibes
That pull  others weight down and yours 
The way his many chins dance in samba.

Mirror is a mean cupboard of teddy bears
Of daughters lovely, their dads dangerous
As daughters return in  buses with bruises
Inside their bodies,unknown to innocence.
Mirror is nighttime burglars that steal gold
Not all  fat man's but something crooked
Easily cooked  nice, stewed in large day light.
Fat mirrors stare down at your lean mirrors 
Gobble them up , their shadows so endlessly
Going into wall as  a sparrow pecks at them
Confusing  image as another of own kind.

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