The coal stories

JHARIA, INDIA - FEBRUARY 08: 7 year old Soni h...
JHARIA, INDIA – FEBRUARY 08: 7 year old Soni has a basket of coal lifted onto her head by her mother, 28 year old Savita, after having scavenged coal illegally from an open-cast coal mine in the village of Bokapahari on February 08, 2012 near to Jharia, India. Villagers in India’s Eastern State of Jharkhand scavenge coal illegally from open-cast coal mines to earn a few dollars a day. Claiming that decades old underground burning coal seams threatened the homes of villagers, the government has recently relocated over 2300 families to towns like Belgaria. Villagers claim they were promised schools, hospitals and free utilities for two years, which they have not received. As the world’s power needs have increased, so has the total global production of coal, nearly doubling over the last 20 years according to the World Coal Association. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

In the afternoon of a vehicle,our talk would run

About a coal belt ,a small talk about its mafia
Of black diamonds glistening in a morning fog.


The talk runs alongside a scrapped axle yard
Of  dismembered army vehicles on loose sale
Many axles, many gearboxes and  dead parts
That could be transplanted to alive vehicles
As parts of wholes or as holes of their parts.



A hot coal wall at times caves in to swallow
People ,like giant lizards in the primordium
Because the empty coal holes resound with air
And a hot sand refuses to come from the river
To fill their holes emptied by a greedy coal.



A little girl named smile gathers black diamonds
From the pithead, pitted against a big government
In its khakhi authority , for two flattened breads
For a family’s stomach, engulfed by big coal fires.
Local coal stories are black and greedy narratives
That leave you  sick in the coal pit of a stomach.
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