Grass flowers

The grass flowers

A little girl from yesterday's cute celluloid art
Returned from a  dreamer's cinematography 
Along a river bank of high fluffy grass flowers.
The flowers were blobs of pearl-white plasticity
On autumn's sedated evening by a muddy river
A view that would betray a gradual train coming 
With the  girl reviewing a relentless growing up
In the clackety of a train, a child's eye-wonder
That is in sum beauty, passion, pain in stomach 
A sorrow of a child's innocence by passing train.

Here grass flowers stand by a musical fountain
That sang colorful grass songs, its waters raised
To the sky in utmost devotion, behind tall grass.
The music was colors that  set our minds soaring
Sitting high on cement galleries,to view its dance.
A certain bird of an airplane lay there in the grass
Stricken by somnolence, sulking in glorious ruins.

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