Alice is inside to fall in a rabbit hole
But her frontispiece is gone to wind.

Like front teeth gap in the olden face
Hissing with a harsh winter breeze.

Silver fish swim rivers of my books.
I let them , with years of guilt inside.

(referring to the torn front cover of my book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)


Girl dreams are complicated

A girl has come here to mark time
And to perchance dream, by sister
Reading a book, on the river bank,
Feeling a bit warm and stupid near,
On the unusual riparian afternoon.

Her sister reads a book end to end
With no pictures and conversations.
The girl has dream, full of pictures
And live full-blown conversations.

Girls have dreams , all their times ,
Not just that time of lunar month.
We all have dreams in our pillows.
But  girl’s dreams are complicated.

(reading Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Caro