Blur bird

Blur bird came out of a blue blur
An imagined blue kurunji flower
Of twelve years in the western hills
That was when we went looking
For chained elephants in the forest
That went mad in mountain heads
With love for female of the species
That had smelt from far off eucaliptii
But  the blue bird was not a bird
But a flower of rare appearance
But in the blur it became a bird

This elephant trumpets its glory
Just opposite the temple blessing
Your head for a ten rupee bribe
You see our elephants no more
Love  sugar cane in the outcrop
Or go mad in passions in fat heads
They bless bald heads for ten rupees.

Near the windmill is a young sun
Playing hide and seek with clouds
But their windmill is carrying on
With its reluctant rotors stirring
The wind is just a blur in the hill
Just like the sun and the blue bird
And elephants that see  females
As a mere blur to elephant noses

In the end this whole thing is a  blur
Beautiful minds are in a state of blur.
Our blue birds are flowers in their blurs
As our clothes are caught in the burr
The sun slowly turns a blur in the hills.