Hollow Sounds

In the ripe night one began just to write
Merely because one had to just prevent
Others from writing,  with the night still
Remaining undone and its stars flickering
In  final counting. before we close  bags.
That is when it turns just write and Moses
Of  Saul Below writes his unread letters.

Here we read  his unread letters to write
Poems that disappear before the last line.
We then go into the night to sniff it deeply.
Our minds are full and stuffed with words.
Our yellow paper in the computer bristles
With capital first lines crawling all the way.

We  keep writing our letters for not reading.
Our poems are not novellas for train reading.
Our poems are unread letters to a hollow god
In whom we are contained, like Herzog Moses.
We manage to make  hollow sounds in him. 

(Reference is to Saul Bellow's novel Herzog)