The poet and the albatross

The  sea bird of Baudelaire is truly vast
In the bird ,not in the sea , the sea-bird's
Elongated sea vowel fueling imagination
Aided by a mere hyphen in  proper place.

It is  albatross not around a poet's neck
But in it , with total lack of walking grace
Like a squawking woman , loquacious
And spacious, with  a tinge of the tragic
In a ship's comedy of  wingless walking.

The poet has his comedies in the boudoir.
Here he walks privately ,his restless arms
Flung in the air, beating the air comically
As if swatting many mosquitoes of  words.

He better stay there ,not come to the aft
Where the sailors are waiting to prod him
With their pipe-stems or stage a mimicry
As laughter explodes after him on the deck..

(Reference is to the French poet Charles Baudelaire's poem "The Albatross")