The sister

This day we welcome the wealth goddess
Asking her favors, new clothes and  gold
Husbands' love, life and joy, job and kids.
We do not  need brooms  and bath room
Slippers with a  bit of darkness skewered
On a golden day of  wealth and happiness.

A dark sister of the wealth goddess waits
On the staircase , with a bare neck devoid
Of the golden hues of  wealth, her loose hair
In full disarray, on a bareback of poverty.
Behind ,she  stands sadly on a  door frame
Gaily decked with painted flowers, brooding
On her heavy deprivation,  a sibling rivalry.

The marigolds sing in their heavenly beauty.
Their  dust flies in our face in soft fragrance.
The stories told make us rich, our husbands
Long living, loving and liveraging their wallets.
Let us slam the door shut in the sister's face.

(Lakshmi the goddess of wealth is welcome in the homes
but her sister Jyesta who comes riding on an owl, represents
ugliness and squalor and is turned away at the door