Of the same blood

We belonged to same blood
As your blood drained away.

It found estuary in stomach
Where it joined a whole sea.

It is blood we bore together.
We belonged to same blood.

Now blood is a sun on boil,
Every morning high on sea.

Now I see blood in my eyes,
Waiting for it to enter a sea.


The shape of water to come

As we came out of  mom to sun,
Water took the shape of a body .

It sploshed in our coconut skull,
As we shook head to empty sky.

Now we live near the sea where
We do not know  sea from a sky.

We are old and dry ,not knowing
The shape of the water to come.


The light cloud in my head
And nimbus floating on sea

Form one continuous story
Of crows and fishes caught

And wriggling in a fish net,
Fishermen caught tugging.

And now who tugs whom
Forms cloud of a seascape

Set to infinity beyond hill
Of a vague dolphin’s nose

Which is an image caught
In a morass of light cloud.

I wake one more sea-day
After many such wakings,

To be alive one more day,
As my cloud drifts on sea.

Mountains are peace

You try to take in a new world.
Your new horizon is her body,

A cave from which you came.
Here it is a new world of light.

Keep screwball eyes together,
As they search the new world

While its sounds echo in head
Like endless sea in empty sky.

You suck  thumb with mouth.
Wiggle feet to define horizon

And cry now in your stomach
And the mountains are peace.